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Ezhel End Of Time Şarkı Sözü

All these words I spit made a Türko rich

Had to work to get, I deserve a bit

Needed pain just to purchase it like it’s Percocet

Immigrant, never ignorant, never heard of it

Places I’ve been through amazing and lethal

Misplaced in this maze, I’ve been graced with some hatred

Fresher than news and these news are the latest

Paid all my dues not to lose it agan, G

I’m on my grind

Wrong my rights

Right my wrongs

Right on time

Write me down

I’m blinded by all the light I’ve found

I’ll strive

From mornings till the lonely nights

I’m all in, I’ll be calling shots

On wrong ends

I’m a cornerstone in a corner all stoned all right

I’m all in

All in till the end of time

Hey, yeah

You can’t expect a man to change his mind if it’s made up

No conversation I entertain could

Make one go take the time to reflect and grow

If a seed ben sown

And the roots done spread, grown deep and old

From the bark to core

Chech it out, it’s all


These times are strange

Folks don’t move the same

Cling to their opinion likes it’s all left to their bane

Right against the left

Ain’t no rightteous steps

Fighting with the bat

Nine, they got it strapped

Writing on the net

Hiding behind avatars

This ain’t James Cameron, but cameras are en masse

You could pick your bias, alt facts, pick your lie

Black Lives Matter

Not yet in their eyes

Strive for our freedom

How many lost lives?

Carpe diem

Did you fight or fly?


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