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Remember when we used to sing, baby, up in your room, before your mother got home?
There was a sound to our innocence
Our voices were lovers in the same bed
Now I’m not sure how they would sound, isn’t that sad?
Now that the ocean’s all waves, and the diamonds are blood, there’s a new girl on your song
I didn’t know that I could be replaced
Years ago I tried to get a message to you but I never heard back
I never heard back

Where did we go wrong?

Our haven was always in the song
But just when I go to close the gates permanently
I realise that isn’t me

No, I don’t keep a list, can’t hold a grudge
Don’t you think that we both might’ve done some growing up?
Well, I know that some shit was said and done
But it’s such a different world now, I can’t hate anyone
Remember when we woke at dawn
Saw the silver sun

In your old Citroen
And remember when we took them on?
Stoners on the run
How the west was won

Remember when we used to swim, baby, no one around, take off all our clothes?
And in the clear cold we were born again
I used to count down to your birthday
Now I’m not sure if it’s June or July, isn’t that sad?

Acting my age, not my horoscope - guess that’s growing up
Now I’m sending you love, and wishing you well
Wherever you are

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